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Hi There Baby Boomers and Bobby Soxers!!
If you have been looking for a channel to fit your age group, then you have found the original
and best chat channel on IRC. Our colourful and multi-cultural channel has been around for over 12 years,
originating on the now defunct Quarterdeck. It was left abandoned on qdeck by it's former
landlords so it was picked up quite cheaply at auction!

After an intense restoration project..the new #40plus emerged and has been thriving ever since!
We moved to Starchat in October 1997 and stayed there for 13 years until evidence of mis-management surfaced and we decided it was time to move on.
In March 2010 we moved to our NEW home on and here we have found a nice, stable and well administered home.
You will find people from all over the world in here, all very different, but all with one aim make chat fun.

We feel like a family in #40plus and we welcome newcomers.
Our channel has it's own LIVE Radio station with the roomies as DJ's 24/7! We also enjoy small
popups but most of all good humour and broad minds! We communicate outside the channel via an email
listerv and a Discussion Board which welcomes writing contributions on any subject from anyone subscribed.
We have an informative home page and you can find most of our members pics there with personal bios.
The channel often enjoys
chat gatherings and is trying to make it's way across the US and the world.

So far, the cities that have been invaded by members of our channel are:
Reno - Nevada, Fort Worth - Texas, Fort Wayne - Indiana (Twice), Las Vegas - Nevada, Chicago - Illinois,
Little Rock - Arkansas, Toronto - Canada, Biloxi - Mississippi, Boston - Massachusetts, Oklahoma City - Oklahoma,
Columbus - Ohio, Nashville - Tennessee, Memphis - Tennessee, Albany - New York, Portland - Oregon,
Niagara Falls - Canada, Sydney - Australia...Who knows where we'll hit next!

We welcome you to our channel and hope you have a great time. We'd love you to come back regularly
and be part of our family. There are 20+ channel @operators in #40plus (not all at once of course!),
but you will find they are quite lenient and just want you to enjoy your stay without being offensive
to anyone else in the channel. You will probably find someone to chat to 24 hours a day with the channel
becoming quite busy in the evenings (US time). The Aussies usually take over during the early mornings!
We have standard conduct guidelines in #40plus and people will only be kicked if they blatantly abuse it.
Please read the Channel Guidelines and then come join us for some of the best chat fun you'll find on IRC!
LadyH & The 40plus Team

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